Detoxing with a Far Infrared Sauna


Without a doubt saunas have enhanced the lives of many people.  Researchers the world over have produced studies on just about every aspect of the benefits of using a sauna.  On a daily basis we are exposed to more and more chemicals and these chemicals can build up in our bodies causing us many problems. 


They have shown how saunas can relieve us of the dangers of the world’s contaminants that endanger our health. We all have to contend with these external toxins entering our bodies and wreaking havoc.  When these foreign entities enter our system the results can be extreme causing serious health issues like cancer, birth defects, infections in our nerves and immune system and more.  How can we relieve ourselves of these invading marauders that cause us so many problems?


It is clear that even the healthiest person will need to undergo a regular routine of detoxing to keep these unwanted invaders at bay.  A regular visit to the sauna can simplify the entire process.  The heat of the sauna raises the body temperature forcing a person to sweat out most of those toxins.  After your stay in the sauna these can easily be washed away in the shower. 


But then the question presents itself.  With all the different types of saunas out there which one will work best for you?  Some may choose to have the time-honored Turkish bath while others may choose to avail themselves of steam or dry types. These types of sauna baths are quite common and work well for most people however for some they present a problem.  While they work to raise the body’s temperature forcing the immune system to activate some people cannot stand the high temperatures of the sauna.  Are there any options that will help them to detox without having to deal with the excessive heat of a regular sauna?

Yes.  With a Far Infrared Sauna (FIR) you can get the same detoxing results as a regular sauna without the excess heat.  The main energy source of a Far Infrared Sauna mimics the effects you might get from the sun. 


Imagine walking outside on a warm sunny day.  The natural warmth of the sun will cause your body to sweat without reaching the extreme temperatures of a regular type of sauna.  You can feel the heat penetrating through several layers of skin as it warms up the subcutaneous tissue where much of the body’s toxins lie.  These toxins will be pushed out through the skins pores when you perspire.  What the FIR doesn’t do is heat up the body’s core.  When the body’s core gets overheated the contaminants can become fluid in your system and may increase risk of systemic poisoning.  For those with a high risk of heart disease this could be very dangerous.


Still when using any type of sauna precautions still to be met.  Many believe that staying in the sauna for a longer period of time will increase the benefits but in reality the toxins will be forced out during the first few minutes of sweating.  There is no need to sit and “stew” for hours to get the best out of the experience.  Keep in mind that it is not only toxins that will be forced out of your system but also some of your needed minerals.  Keeping a balanced view of this can do much to improve your health. 

Immediately after you have completed your sauna treatment you must shower to wash away the released contaminants.  Delaying the shower while you wait to cool off will just allow your body to reabsorb the toxins back into your system making the whole process futile. 


Also remember that in addition to losing the toxins you have lost some important minerals during your visit.  You will need to rehydrate yourself with water or juice.  You might also consider taking some mineral supplements to help you to restore your body’s balance.


So, if you are one of those that have a low tolerance to extreme heat you might want to consider trying the FIR to help you detox.  By doing this you can get the same results from the Far Infrared Sauna as the traditional steam or dry saunas.  Using this type of sauna coupled with taking the necessary precautions can produce amazing results for your overall health.


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