Different Types of Permanent Hair Straightening Procedures


People with curly or wavy hair often want to have a smooth, silky, and completely straight hair. They can always change their curly hair into a fine and straight hair with the permanent hair straightening systems or methods. However, you should also remember that each method has its own strength and flaws. Find out whether they are right for you or not.


Permanent Hair Straightening: A Deeper Understanding


A method where your natural curls are removed so you can have a straight hair is the idea of the permanent hair straightening. In this method, chemical treatments and substances are usually used. As the name suggests, the result is long lasting and permanent – meaning that you won’t have to worry that your curls may return after you wash your hair or wake up in the morning. With this method, you can also forget using hair styler as your silky and straight hair won’t need it anymore.


Basically, this method will have to change the natural structure of your hair, which is done in this process;


  • When you go to the beauty hair salon, they will use a certain product (usually a sodium-based one) that will break your hair’s keratin structure. The purpose is to make your hair easier to manage and change.

  • They will then use a type of oxidant to neutralize the keratin. In the end, the hair fibers will be more desirable and manageable. 


Different Types of Methods


Basically, there are some options when it comes to permanent hair straightening:


  • The Keratin treatment or mostly known as the Brazilian straightening. Keratin is the natural protein that can be found in the nail, teeth, and hair. The more keratin you have, the healthier, silkier, and more straight your hair will be. This treatment is pretty expensive but it is the safest of all. Natural keratin is added to the hair, protecting your natural hair and adding the important coating to the hair. This procedure doesn’t involve the addition of chemicals. Expect straight and silky hair for the next 6 months. Afterward, you need to re-do the process again. But if you can do it regularly, your hair structure will definitely change. Gradually, your hair will be naturally straight and silky – you don’t need to have this treatment anymore but it is advisable that you have a maintenance routine. When you get a Brazilian straightening treatment, it is important to use a shampoo that is salt free and also contains protein to make your results last longer.

  • Thermal reconditioning or mostly known as the Japanese straightening. In this procedure, it takes the combination of heat and chemical substance. The hair expert will apply a certain chemical substance to your hair for about 20 minutes in order to break the hair bond. Afterward, extreme heat (usually from a styler) is used to change the structure of your hair so your hair will be straight. Then, another chemical substance will be applied so the straight bond can be locked to deliver the permanent result.

  • Hair rebonding. This type of procedure involves a lot of chemical substances. Some of the DIY home kits are created, designed for people with limited budgets. However, you need to keep in mind that your hair should be treated as best as you can. If not, your hair will be damaged and go limp for good.

  • Chemical straightening. This is similar to the hair rebonding. If you are completely new to this, it is better to go to a professional salon and ask for their help.



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