What are Spa Boot Camps


Hup, two, three, four, keep it up, two, three, four!  If you have ever fancied some serious fitness training to push yourself further than you have ever pushed yourself before, then a fitness boot camp could be right up your street.  Inspired by the army’s own boot camps, without the drills and marching bits, fitness boot camps are on the up as people want to enjoy the health benefits of fitness.   Many camps are offered as a healthy holiday getaway in spas around the world for people who want to get into tip top physical shape in a short time period.  


A spa boot camp commonly runs for a week, and is led by trained physical instructors who will push you to achieve your best, but they won’t resemble a drill-sergeant in attitude!  Fitness boot camps are suitable for all levels of fitness but before you begin exercising you will have a short health and fitness assessment by a trained professional.


The fitness boot camp programme is challenging and carefully designed to get your body working to its limits.  Expect an early wake-up call at 6.30am with some organized, light, stretching exercises before breakfast. The mornings and afternoons will be dedicated to a wide range of physical activity – the boot camp workout!  This will include military influenced circuit training with push-ups, sit-ups, squats, jumps, lunges and crunches.  You will also take part in interval training, which alternates a short, high intensity workout, such as sprinting, with a low intensity recovery period.  Interval training works your cardiovascular system- your heart, blood system and lungs - to its maximum with the fitness benefit of improved cardiovascular endurance.  Rest assured that the physical instructors will supervise you well and if you can’t quite keep up with each exercise class the instructor won’t make you jump down and do another 50 push-ups as a punishment!


Less intensive activities are also scheduled in to give your body a short reprieve, such as gentle jogging and walks.  Team games also feature prominently in a fitness boot camp to enhance group camaraderie, so you might find yourself egging on your team mates as they sprint or swim against the others.


During the programme, there will be allocated times for refreshments and mini breaks, and of course for lunch and dinner where healthy, nutritional food will be served.


As you can appreciate, you won’t have time to laze around during the day but you will be able to relax in the evenings after dinner with the optional activities on offer.  You may choose to relax on film night, amaze your new friends with your general knowledge on quiz night or attend an educational talk on how to eat healthily and sustain your new found fitness levels when you go home.

The advantage of a residential fitness boot camp in a spa setting is that you also have the opportunity to benefit from the many spa treatments on offer.  It is an excellent idea to book a massage to ease your muscles, release tension and to allow yourself some well deserved relaxation time.


With such an intensive fitness programme, there is no surprise that you will see and feel a number of health benefits at the end of your week.


Physical benefits


·        All parts of your body will benefit from a work out because of the wide variety of exercises undertaken.

·        Your cardiovascular fitness endurance will improve dramatically.

·         Calories will be burnt off and weight loss is guaranteed – it could be as much as 5 to 10lbs.

·        Increased muscular endurance, co-ordination and agility.

·        Your improved fitness levels will result in increased energy levels when you leave.


Motivational benefits


·        You will be amongst like minded people who want the same health benefits from the fitness boot camp that you do.

·        Working out with others is far more motivational.  The team exercises are fun and the group will support you and urge you on to the next level if you feel like giving up. 

·        The wide variety of classes makes the boot camp fun – far more stimulating that the repetitive work out you do every couple of days in the gym.


At the end of a fitness boot camp in a spa, you will leave knowing you have achieved outstanding health and fitness results.  You will feel and look fabulous with a slimmer, more toned body, with enthusiasm for maintaining your fitness regime at home, and with a great big smile on your face.



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